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The Susan Polgar Method for Scholastic Chess - Volume 2

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Imagine watching your clever little chess nut gradually become smarter, do much better at school, win the occasional chess tournament — AND have tons of fun!
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The Susan Polgar Method for Scholastic Chess Training Vol. 2

The post-beginner stage is the most critical in chess. If you want to make serious progress in the game, it’s what you do now that matters.

Too many players approach chess learning in a haphazard way – it always comes back to bite them later on…They lose game after game because of weak endgames or positional understanding, spending years stuck at the same old rating as they try to unlearn bad habits…

Get it right the first time with GM Susan Polgar, former prodigy, world champion and one of the finest coaches in the world today.

The Susan Polgar Method for Scholastic Training Vol.2 gives you a properly designed comprehensive course that covers everything.


To help you (or your students) get the most out of the course, Susan has included the following bonuses:

  • The complete PGN with annotations. Analyze every game, study, and position on your computer (or challenge the engine to prove you know the winning method!)
  • 35-page eBook covering the principles Susan teaches in the course.
  • Challenging puzzles related to the course material (with detailed answers).
  • This is a rare opportunity to get a structured course from one of the most successful coaches in the world today.

Chapter Outline:

  • Chapter 1: Focus on the King
  • Chapter 2: King Safety
  • Chapter 3: Keep Your Opponent’s Plans in Mind
  • Chapter 4: Castling Decisions & The Greek Gift Sacrifice
  • Chapter 5: The King in the Endgame
  • Chapter 6: King & Pawn Endgame: The Square Rule
  • Chapter 7: Attack on Open Files
  • Chapter 8: Different Pawn Structures
  • Chapter 9: Realizing a Material Advantage
  • Chapter 10: The Importance of Occupying Open Files
  • Chapter 11: Endgames – Outside Passed Pawns
  • Chapter 12: Deadly Pins
  • Chapter 13: Endgames: Queen vs Advanced Pawn
  • Chapter 14: The Center
  • Chapter 15: Fight to the Bitter End
  • Chapter 16: To Trade or Not to Trade
  • Chapter 17: Keep an Eye Out for Threats
  • Chapter 18: What’s the Target?
  • Chapter 19: Obvious Moves & Intermediate Moves
  • Chapter 20: Long-range Moves
  • Chapter 21: Candidate Moves & Calculation
  • Chapter 22: Restrict Your Opponent
  • Chapter 23: Zugzwang
  • Chapter 24: Stop The Threat
  • Chapter 25: Passed Pawns
  • Chapter 26: The Opening
  • Chapter 27: Weak Diagonals
  • Chapter 28: Creating Plans & Using Open Files
  • Chapter 29: Calculating Candidate Moves
  • Chapter 30: Amazing Moves
More Information
ISBN 616348556150
Host GM Susan Polgar
Popular Collections Polgar DVD Collection
Publication Date Apr 21, 2020
Runtime 8 Hours and 30 Minutes
Hardware Requirements Standard DVD Player
Region Lock None - Playable Anywhere
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